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The entire web is a work in progress, but this site, in particular, is currently and deeply changing in appearence and attitude -- from a static repository to a dynamic journal. Some of the sections are minimal to non existent and others require heavy editing. Watch this space. Be patient. Feel free to contact me and comment.

The Ecurbian dot org domain is owned and maintained by myself. I am one Bruce Mills, there are others.
We come in six-packs, one of them even runs a club of people called Bruce Mills, but I am not a member.
On this domain I present some technical information for those who might wish to employ me, and other material for those who might want to be ammused, confused, or enlightened by me. For the confusion see my weblog (blog). For those who wish to ammuse, employ, or enlighten me, please see the contact page. I also store my wifes showcase web site, and I host the site of the Education Enrichment Project which I am building and maintaining. All this is on the site menu.

I am an academic, professional, and writer, in software science and in software engineering as an engineering discipline, using pragmatic formal development. Author of two books on software engineering. With experience in a broad range of hardware and software, but an emphasis on geometry and real time, including building games worlds.

Right now, I am a software engineer in smart-card technology. Previously, I was a standup academic: like a standup comedian, only not as cool. A standup comedian lives by telling people amusing things, a standup academic lives by telling people interesting things. It is my living to come up each day with new interesting things to tell people. There is much more public caprice in this than I would have admitted when I wore a younger man's clothes (with deference to Billy Joel). The same goes for software engineering practice and culture.

I am a tertiary qualified electronic engineer, mathematician and computer scientist with a serious interest in physics, biology, neurology, sociobiology, psychology, theology and philosophy. That is, anything to do with undestanding thought. Logic is, or should be, primarily about how humans can be trained to reason more correctly. Software, logic and mathematics are different approaches to the same problem. I am sympathetic to the para consistent mood. But, my ultimate guide is the extrinsic utility of a mode of thought.

I am an industrial programmer, teacher and researcher. I wrote software for a mining company, ran a research company in Perth in Australia, researched solid modeling software in Cardiff in Wales, lectured advanced programming in Albany in New Zealand, wrote MHD thruster code in Tullahoma in the USA, and lectured digital logic, formal methods and software engineering in Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates.

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